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I’m Keith Austin II and I just could not keep sitting on the side watching as the Ford Dynasty Sells us our Community!

The Ford family has a history of corruption allegations involving its members who have held public office in Memphis. Some notable instances include:

1. In 2006, Memphis City Council members Edmund Ford and Rickey Peete were charged with taking bribes in exchange for their votes on a real estate proposal and the repeal of a moratorium on putting up billboards in the city. The informant paid the council members between Aug. 30 and Oct. 27, and made audio and video recordings of cash payments to them.

2. In 2005, John Ford, a longtime state senator and a member of the Ford family, was arrested by the FBI as part of the Operation Tennessee Waltz scandal. He was later convicted of federal bribery charges in 2007.

3. In 2023, the FBI executed a search warrant at the house of County Commissioner Edmund Ford Jr., which is owned by his father, Memphis City Council member Edmund Ford Sr. The search was related to an ongoing criminal investigation into Ford Jr. for allegations of an ethics violation involving a $450,000 county grant that was approved for local nonprofit Memphis Junior Achievement. Ford’s business sold computers to the group, resulting in a $45,000 profit, but Ford allegedly did not properly disclose his dealings with the nonprofit before the vote.

These instances demonstrate a pattern of corruption allegations involving members of the Ford family who have held public office in Memphis, particularly in relation to District 6.